поршень мейнстрима || There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it (с)
Вещи, которые заставляют меня хоть капельку велить в человечество

"I think at this point in our world we've got a really confused idea of the way gender and sexuality works. I think we've created this really superfluous sort of like binary in the way we think about gender. And I guess I identify as queer because I don't identify with that. I think that makes us less whole as people.I don't need to be assigned to what it is I can do or who I can love. And it seems like we keep drawing these battle lines which are completely unnecessary. So that's what I basically mean. When I say I'm queer, I'm saying that I think human beings are amazing. Love is an honor and an opportunity. And a fragile thing. A frigate process in which there's no room for doubt, or shame, or hatred."
-Ezra Miller


Видео, которым вчера кинула в меня Тайлер. До слез

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